Even God Forgive

It is such a painful-heartbreaking view on video today, of FPI attacking Ahmadiyah sect. The worst part is the moment of totally- deadly rampage : humans are slaughtered, stoned, beaten, out of mercy and humanity. What is the price of a life?  What is their heart made of? What are they to feeling so free of killing another human???

As if God allows them to do so. As if they’re the holiest person on this world.  As if they’re pure from sin. As if they’re God, to judge other human by their own understandings!

Oh Gusti.. please, please have mercy on them. For the killed and those who killed. Touch them and show them, what does it mean to be human, how do we ought to live to love, how does it feel to be sinful.  And… how do You–the Most High & Merciful-forgive-even the most shamed-ugliest sin. For us to see, not any of us in this world own that very right to judge other human from our kind…

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