Sedang Manja.

Aku lagi manja. Sama Dia. Sedang ingin diperhatikan, dan menarik perhatianNya. Ingin berlari-lari kecil, kembali ke pelukanNya. Dan ingin dituntun kemanapun, kapanpun.



Seperti seorang anak kecil yang berlari2 menuju pelukan dari seorang Ayah yang mengasihi dengan kondisi seperti apapun, yang lenganNya senantiasa terbuka lebar, menanti anakNya kembali. Selalu ada tempat disana.

I am letting the child in me, to run to my Heavenly Father.
Jump into His arms for the biggest hug of my life.
And let Him take me by the hand forever.

10 thoughts on “Sedang Manja.

  1. anonymous says:

    seorang Ayah?

    Heavenly Father?

    very odd for a MOSLEM to use that expression for her god

    • Well, I believe that our God is the same God. He is the one Who gives us our daily grace, Who owns the power, and the glory of heaven and earth. He loves us like a father loves His daughters and sons, what’s wrong with that? 🙂

      For me, it is a matter of how you perceive your God’s picture in your heart, which is not so important. What is important is, that He loves us and He’s always there, anytime, the best place of Sanctuary 😉

  2. ratih Jogja says:

    Leaving from my office, am going to somewhere, and reading this blog. I found a peace of mind, thank you God.
    Love actually is all around 😀 btw, you should read GM book “Tuhan dan hal hal….”

    have a nice weekend,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your blog is very interesting. I am loving all of the information you are sharing with everyone!

  4. Alex says:

    learn well in one side then move to another side
    learn well in that side then move to next side
    learn well in the next side but there are more to come
    then move again and again
    until you know and understand all sides

    establish the chief cornerstone as good and most solid foundation
    put stone upon stone firmly, brick upon brick tightly
    It might look a mess for a while
    you might feel going nowhere for a while
    but keep on walking, keep on running, keep on fighting
    add consistency, determination, and loyalty
    humbleness and humility will eventually grow up
    don’t lose the standard being set up from beginning
    in the end u will see big mansion, which is yourself
    where afflicteds come for shelter
    where hungers come to eat

    In a house
    there is kitchen, there is living room
    there is dining room and there is bathroom
    there is family room and there is study
    there is basement and there is workshop
    And there is chamber room, a secret chamber of the bride and the Groom
    there is time for serving for whole family in the kitchen
    there is time for welcoming visitors with hospitality in the living room
    there is time for nourishing in the dining room
    there is time for washing away dirt in the bathroom
    there is time for fellowship with each others in the family room
    there is time for increasing knowledge and wisdom in the study room
    there is time for working upright things in secret in the basement
    there is time for maintenance and overhauling in the workshop
    And there will be time for secret-communion in the chamber room,
    where only the bride and the Groom know things happened there
    for the bride is belong to the Groom and the Groom’s desire is belong to the bride

    *upppss sorry, i just wanted to write several words, but the words kept flowing more and more

  5. Alex says:

    ehh pas di liat preview nya, ngak nyangka panjang nya galahin tulisan pemilik blog nya, wakaka

  6. uly says:

    Setuju banget sama kamu cie,

    God is the same God for everyone

    Hanya saja cara mencitrakannya, yang berbeda bagi tiap-tiap orang.

    So there let be peace on earth, jangan ada lagi saling mencaci cara orang memuji Tuhan nya.

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