You can Always Say No

Untuk sesuatu yang nggak kamu inginkan.
Yang nggak kamu nikmati.
Yang terasa aneh, terasa nggak nyaman.
Yang kamu rasa bukan sesuatu yang kamu cari.
Yang kalo kamu terus lakuin, kamu malah nggak bisa jadi diri kamu sendiri.

You can always say No.
You can always say No, biarpun menurut orang lain itu nggak mungkin.

Nggak ada yang nggak mungkin.
Kemungkinan sekecil apapun, berarti mungkin kan?

So, if you think really deserve it, go for it.
otherwise, if you think you dont deserve it, go say “No”

Simple, isnt it?


6 thoughts on “You can Always Say No

  1. No. (refer to : “Simple, isnt it?”)


  2. @ Wulan : Kenapa jadi nggak simple, Lan? šŸ˜€ Nggak asyik nih ah. hahahaha

  3. edoy says:

    that’s the greatest gift of mankind, freedom to choose…

    simple? sometime it’s not…

  4. LeeA says:

    life as simple as is dear.. be your self and be happy.. simple, isn’t it?? say NO never makes you being unhappy.. u go girl.. if touching the sky makes YOU happy.. go for it!! even its hard..

  5. galuh says:

    it depends on you..if you can make it simple, it will be…
    vice versa….:)
    *i hope i’m not so complicated as i am now….

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