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Hello, Ramadhan

Sixteen years ago.

The little Echi didn’t want to eat sahur, Mother couldn’t afford a better menus at that time. It was only rice, tempe, and boiled spinach. She just left dining table and didn’t eat at all. Echi had never known fasting better more than the absence of foods and drinks.


Time goes on. Year to year. Different Ramadhan, different stories, different environment.

Here she is, now. Ramadhan 2009. Still wish for a better Ramadhan than previous, not just a way of diet, through maybe she really never wished to come to God with her holy belly 🙂 It’s not only about losing weight, but balancing our daily spritual life. And she’s blessed to feel the hunger and thirst.

Allah promised a fast is not only a hunger strike. It submits to God’s commands. And a hunger strike that makes God submit to our demands.

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