Daily Archives: January 1, 2011

Happy new you!


We celebrate New Year with full excitement, holding up to count down moment, staying up late to witness the brand new year comes. Cheering passionately, adding fireworks crowd with even a louder shout, “Wow!”, “Superb!, “Fantastic!”and spend night with heavenly tasted barbeque, mouth pampering mocktails and cocktails, bottom up for liquours and wines, celebrate the hogmanay. Unforgettably, delicious cuisine, loved ones companion, fab outfits that groom us even to the fullest happiness and all out celebration! We keep saying in our heart, “2010 has been great! Resolutions achieved. Might not be perfect, but 75% achievement was more than enough. Money on wallet, checked. Personal relationship progress, checked. Business performance, checked. Career progress, checked. All looks fine and is on track. 


Tomorrow morning we wake up half-heartedly. Again. Still holding a grudge, hatred, and bitter memories occupy those space, soiled in our minds. Still feeling guilty, stained in heart. Giving halfheartedly, count every cents of money we donate, and forget to count every blessing. Also, start to complain again, “Why shit happened God? I’ve never been shitty”. “Why You fail me God? You said that You’ll never fail me?”. “Why cant I get my promotion God? I’ve been trying so hard, wholeheartedly, isnt that enough already?”, “Why Indonesia lose out in AFF God? You know who’s played unfair”. Too much of why that we close our eyes to introspect and look upon ourselves; forgetting of His promise that He’s working on a best ending for each of us, that everyting happens for a reason.

New year. Some people call it best time to look back ourselves as human being. If time really flies so damn fast that we dont even realize year has changed, have we also been progressing as fast as time does?

It’s not a New Year, if tomorrow we’re still into post negativisms, criticism status on Facebook. It’s not it, if tomorrow we’re still up to gossiping around other people’s business and adding some flavour of self-judgement onto it. It’s not it, if we still forget to thank  God for every goodness and grace thru seconds of our lives. It’s not it, if we’re still too quick to get angry, quick to judge, and slow to listen, instead of meek and patient. This is a reminder for me too.

So let’s start our day better tomorrow, at the very time we wake up in the morning. That we promise this new year, wont just be another celebration 🙂

Happy New Year. Happy new you! 🙂